IT Outsourcing Done Differently

Today, companies providing Outsourced IT to small businesses want to focus on just their piece of the pie. Unfortunately, this approach leaves you with multiple partners, none of which are focusing on your overall business IT needs. We believe there is a better way.

NSR believes an Outsourced IT partner can and should provide a comprehensive SMB technology solution.

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The Problem

Competing Interests

If you are like most small businesses, you work with multiple IT solution providers. One company manages your network and one or more additional providers supply your business line applications. This presents multiple challenges:

  • Each provider is only focused on their area.
  • Your providers do not share a common vision.
  • Each provider places too high a value on their area.

Our Solution

A Comprehensive SMB Technology Solution

Unlike many small business outsourced IT service providers, NSR has developed both a Network Management team and an Application Development team. By managing these teams through our  Virtual IT Director service we provide your business the full set of skills required to drive innovation and growth through IT.

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